Waste Management Redefined™



Plastics are everywhere, they play an indispensable role in the world’s economy. Their benefits are immeasurable. Plastics are extremely versatile and are used in practically all industries. From kitchen appliances to toiletries, furniture & finishing to electronics, construction, transportation to office supplies. There is an endless list of plastic products used daily.

Plastic productions are scaling. Over the past ten years, the world has produced more plastic than during the entire 20th century. Plastics with all its benefits do however come with a cost to the environment and to our health. A large amount ends up in our oceans, and in the many nooks and crannies found in our delicate eco-system.

At FLH, we felt the need to introduce an alternative plastic resin which helps solve this mass pollution problem. The result was Plasti-Solve-XR which is a propriatary resin made primarily out of natural minerals. Plasti-Solve-XR uses 70% less petroleum, the result is an environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional plastics. Further more Plasti-Solve-XR has a short life span of several years vs. the hundreds of years required by traditional plastics to degrade. One of Plasti-Solve’s XR greatest merits is its ability to breakdown in water helping to minimize ocean pollution and the many dangers currently confronting our fragile planet.