Plant Based, Biodegradable, Compostable Resins™



For years, concerns have been raised regarding traditional plastics usage and the potential threat to the environment as well as to living beings. With the introduction of Bio-Plast and other bioplastics these concerns are now being addressed. Through persistent innovation, corn is now being used as a medium to create plastic resins and in turn sprouting a wide number of derivative bioplastic products. Bio-Plast has now become a proven viable alternative to petroleum-based plastics.

Bioplastics also  known as polylactic acid (PLA) are made from specially processed crops. Bio-Plast is made from cornstarch which is both renewable, biodegradable & fully compostable. It requires no petroleum in its production and biodegrades under specific conditions in several years Vs. the many hundreds of years taken by traditional plastics. Bio-Plast places us one step closer to helping aid in our ailing planet’s massive waste pollution problem.