An Evolution In Plastic Waste Reduction™


Making The World A Better Place™

Since the turn of the 20th century, safety flags have been used in order to comply with road and transportation safety rules around the globe. Currently most plastic safety flags end up as litter in our highways or are disposed as waste, adding to the mass pollution challenge facing our world today. Out of the total amount of plastics produced, only 5% are recycled, and 8 million+ tons are dumped into our oceans every year.

At FLH we felt the need to produce an innovative earth friendly alternative, with the goal of helping to alleviate this large-scale problem. After several years of research and product development the result is a non-toxic proprietary plastics additive by name of Plasti-Solve™, which is combined together with Polyethylene polymer resulting in the Plasti-Solve Flag™.

Plastic flags available in the market today are made out of traditional plastic that are hazardous for living beings and the environment due to their long life span. The Plasti-Solve Flag™ is a safety flag that breaks-down at  a rapid rate compared to traditional plastics that do so in 200+ years. The Plasti-Solve Flag™ is the first-ever (18”x18”in) plastic safety flag meeting Department of Transportation standards that helps ensure a safer and cleaner environment for all.


The Impact Of Plastics Around The Globe
Mass Waste

Total tonnage of garbage annually
created by plastics

 Pollution In Our Oceans

Percentage of total floating trash on the

ocean’s surface attributed to plasticss
Marine Toxicity

Approximate number of marine species
that are affected by plastic debris

One-Time Plastic Usage

Percentage of plastic products used
once and then thrown away

275 Million Tons
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Sensitive Substitute

Plasti-Solve™ serves as a responsible
alternative to regular plastic flags.

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Earth Friendly

Plasti-Solve™ tackles concerns regarding
the ever-increasing land and marine
pollution caused by traditional plastic

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Unique Value

Plasti-Solve™ is a unique solution to
the global plastics problem.


Providing A Greener Tomorrow For Generations To Come™

  • Plasti-Solve™ Film
    Plasti-Solve™ Film
    • Plasti-Solve™ 18″ x 18″ Flag
      Plasti-Solve™ 18″ x 18″ Flag
      • Initial Breakdown Stage
        Initial Breakdown Stage
        • Advanced Breakdown Stage
          Advanced Breakdown Stage
          • Total Breakdown
            Total Breakdown