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Global weather patterns are changing. Areas around the globe are experiencing erratic weather which has lead to drought, excessive rain, extreme high & low temperatures. Hydro-Fields ™ by Greenbelt Organics ™ is a wide range of sophisticated hydroponic equipment to meet your growing needs. We manufacture ballasts, lamps, light fixtures, led grow lights, reflectors, as well as a very large array of accessories.

Our products help ensure high production at maximum yields in any weather condition. Due to hydroponics competitive edge over traditional farming methods, more and more growers are shifting to agriculture which uses controlled environments.

Water Consumption:

Agriculture accounts for 70% of the worlds water consumption. Hydroponic systems can reduce water consumption by 90% as compared to traditional farming methods.

Better Output:

The yield per crop is 10 times higher in hydroponics due to the controlled environment, and balanced plant nutrient resulting in optimized fertilizer consumption and growth rates.

Plant Growth:

Plants under hydroponic systems grow fast and abundantly due to oxygen and nutrient delivery direct to the root systems.

Quick Facts

• Between 2015-18, the global annual market value of hydroponically produced goods will increase at a rate of 6.5% annually.

• In 2014, the hydroponics food production industry’s growth outpaced the estimated global growth by 80%.

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