Deicing The Worlds Highways & Byways Naturally



De-icing snow, ice or frost is critical in keeping our roads safe. Geo-Solve ™ helps shield expensive property from corrosion and damages caused by synthetic deicing products.

Due to a wide number of environmental and safety concerns with synthetic deicing products Geo-Solve™ is an alternative solution which is chemical free. Geo-Solve™ also protects aquatic life by allowing oxygen to enter into deprived frozen waters. It can be used in a wide number of applications which includes the airline industry, government road maintenance programs, wide life & land management, bridges, steel structures sensitive to corrosion and many more.

Safety First

Melt snow and ice even at sub-zero temperatures with Geo-Solve™. Keep roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots safe for all. No more high costs associated with plowing or shoveling. When Safety and environmental friendliness are priorities look no further than Geo-Solve™.  > Request A Quote