Just Wrap It, Snap It and Go!™




Greener Product – The Bungee Flag ™ is an alternative to traditional plastic flags that pollute our environment. At this day in age people are even more concerned with the environment and the amount of trash cluttering our landfills and oceans sometimes taking several years or even worse never decomposing. People are relying on more and more reusable products thus reducing the amount of plastic going into our landfills by millions.

It’s the Law – All across The United States the law requires that any object that’s sticking out past a vehicles bumper or tailgate 4′ or more requires a red safety flag. Most states fines are greater than $100.00 for your first violation. Our 18″ x 18″ Bungee flags are guaranteed to meet or exceed Local or Federal (Department of Transportation (DOT)) requirements thus potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in fines.

Convenience – No more staples in your finish wood or having to tie those tedious little strings and cheap non recyclable plastic flags that usually fall off and line our roads and highways any longer. We’ve come up with a variety of patented designs to allow for a quick and effective reusable means of marking your projecting loads.

Supply – We deliver millions of flags rapidly and in a reasonable amount of time in order to meet your demands.

Co-Branding – We offer free co-branding on large volume orders!

Huge Customer Base – Contractors, Commercial Truckers, Boaters, Loggers, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpet Installers, and Do It Yourselfer’s.

Multiple Uses – For marking your lumber, pipes, rebar, carpet, logs, outboard motors, sailboat mast, kayaks, SUP’s and many, many more!

Bungee Flag & Accessories

Made with the Contractor and DIY in mind, the patent pending Bungee FlagTM is made to last! Our highly-visible, 18” x 18” (45.72 x 45.72 cm), all-weather, fire-engine red, Raptor WeaveTM safety flag features a heavy duty grommet located in the corner of the flag, double stitched seams with bartacked corners for increased durability, and strength around the edges attached to one of our securing devices equals years of use!
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