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When it comes to forest related practice, Washington State has the strictest rules in the US. These practices include growing, harvesting and timber processing along with road construction and maintenance, reforestation, brush control, thinning, salvage and finally usage of fertilizers & pesticides. Since the adaptation of the Forest Practices Act in 1974, these activities have been enforced by the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and are highly regulated. They safeguard soil, water, fish, wildlife and capital improvements from effects related to forest practices on private, county and state forest land.

Before undertaking any forest practice, written permission is required from the WA DNR. Revised and updated several times since the formulation in 1974, the Washington Legislature adopted the Forest & Fish Law in 1999 to protect endangered salmon and diminished water quality on non-federal forested streams.

These steps and regulations implemented by Washington help protect 60,000 miles of water streams running through 9.3 million acres of state and private forestland. In 2006, a law was enforced by the federal government called the ‘Forests and Fish Law’ through a statewide initiative named the Habitat Conservation Plan, labelled as biggest comprehensive environmental legislation in the US. It helps to protect the State’s marine life by complying with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Clean Water Act (CWA).


Under the reforestation standards set forth by the Forest Practice Rules, an area harvested, is quickly reforested within the time frame of 12 to 18 months for vegetation to avoid any complications and for sustainable harvesting.

In the Western part of the state for example, a minimum of 190 trees per acre must be planted within 3 years of harvest. The average number of plants planted by landowners range between 400-500 seedlings per acre.



Western Cedar Soft Woods

For centuries, Western red cedar’s durability has made it extremely valuable and is thus used in the production of totem poles, canoes, masks, lumber and other traditional wood products. The wood has a very high demand world wide.

Damp climatic conditions are ideal for the growth of cedar. This makes the wood weather resistant and requires low maintenance. Due to these qualities, it is preferably used for building exteriors to withstand the weather.

Other qualities of cedar include rich, textured grain and ease of cutting & shaping. Therefore it is used in the manufacturing of tables, chairs, chests and patio furniture. For finishing, it is perfect for oils and stains due to the absence of pitch and resin. Other than that, it is also used in the manufacturing of siding, decking, doors, beams, paneling, window trim and other applications.

Compared to other lumber, cedar wood doesn’t shrink, swell or wrap much even under extreme weather conditions. The structure of cedar wood has cell cavities filled with air therefore it has high thermal insulating properties which makes it an ideal choice for exterior siding. Adding to that, it is also sound-resistant and used for fencing and exterior sound barriers. Adding to its numerous advantages, it can be left without finish or paint. Its durability is enhanced by the application of sealer to retain color and stability.

Western Red cedar is pink to reddish in color, at times mixed with amber, cream and brown. It is mostly straight grained but at times can wander due to different color spins. Sanded cedar, an expensive form of the wood with higher grades has a smooth and polished surface. Rated 350 on the Janka hardness scale, it is very easy to cut and work with.


Pacific Coast Maple Hard Woods

Pacific Coast Maple Wood is found in abundance in the Pacific Northwest. It is extremely important and has numerous uses, one being a substitute for cherry. It is used in the making of cabinets, moldings, furniture, flooring and other hardwoods. Other applications include: gift boxes, paint brush handles, coat hangers, picture frames and counter tops. The highest quality of the wood is also used in the manufacturing of musical instruments such as electric guitar bodies and high end products.

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